Ninjas in Iga

As well as being a centre of Kumihimo (braiding), Iga is also the city of Ninjas. It was the birthplace of the Iga-ryu ninja, one of Japan’s leading schools of ninjutsu (the art of stealth).   To advertise this, you see ninja’s everywhere in the city.

As we walked along the street, we noticed that the bollards at street corners were shaped into ninjas

Even their drain covers and road signs have ninjas.

There is a ninja minibus and also ninja trains!

On some of the buildings there are wonderful paintings of ninjas


I loved the painting on the vending machine that was vending alcohol.


Shops are also decorated with ninjas



There were also posters and other signs of ninjas

It was fun looking for ninjas and we enjoyed seeing them all over the place.   This visit I did not go to the Ninja museum but if you ever visit Iga, it is another fun place to go.

This is the last blog from this trip – I’ll blog again on my next travels to different locations.

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