Day 17 – Visiting the Makers Market

The weather was sooo much better today and I decided to take Dexter to the headland.  He had to be kept on a very short lead but when I looked down to think about taking a photo, there were seals lying on the rocks.   I managed to catch them without Dexter disappearing and then walked on and saw more in a little cove further on.   It was a beautiful morning and a great walk despite walking into a bit of peat bog over the top of my welly.

Shetland Wool Week were holding a Makers Market today so I went to Jamieson and Smiths to buy some yarn before going to the Market.   Dexter stayed in the car while I was shopping.   I did very well and was not tempted by anything more expensive than some Chilli Tomato Pesto!   In addition to the two rooms of stalls, there was a hall with food in it which was interesting.   There had been a Taste of Scotland event last week and the food stalls had been heaving so the stall holders were a bit confused about the lack of people.   I explained that most people were there to buy yarn or textile goods.   The only daft thing was that the most popular stall was right by the door so by the time 20 people had gone into the hall there was a complete log jam and no-one else could get into the hall.  It was sorted out eventually.

Dexter and I took a walk around Lerwick but I didn’t spend much because Dexter wasn’t allowed into any shops apart from Vaila, the Shetland Organics gallery and store.    They were very happy to have Dexter in the store and looked after him while I looked around.  I would have been tempted but the yarn was very expensive at £5.00 for 25g.

Lunch at home and then we went off to Sumburgh Head to have a walk around the cliffs.  

We had wonderful views all the way round and Dexter seems to have tired!  Amazingly we got about 20 metres from the sheep and Dexter showed no inclination to chase them.   Not sure what it is about some of the sheep that he gets very excited and others, he will walk beside me.


I won’t blog tomorrow because we leave Shetland and I’ll be on the ferry to Aberdeen.   On Monday, I’m off to see Sandra who was on the Weaving



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