Last day in Japan – visiting Osaka

After an early start this morning, I made it to my hotel about 10.00 am and left my luggage behind and obtained a map to be able to get around. I decided to walk to Osaka Castle – it didn’t look too far away!

Stopped for coffee and cake before I set out because breakfast had been at 6.30 so I was puckish. Walked up the street towards the castle until I arrived at what was supposed to be a famous shopping street. I did see a man in his shop making tatami mats which was interesting.

0 - making tatami mats 0 - tatami mat samples

He has the block of inner fibre and then he lays the matting over it before moving it to the machine that you can see for applying the tapes that are on reels.

On my walk, I passed a lot of bikes and took a few photos of bikes lined up and then cloned bikes.

0 - bicycles all lined up 0 - more bike clones

Then I saw this bike storage which I thought was great

0 - bike storage

When I finally arrived at Osaka Castle, I had a very interesting visit.

0 - osaka castle

They are celebrating the 400th anniversary of the battle between the Tokugawa shogunate and the Toyotomi clan. There was a large exhibition with screens, scrolls and books that depicted the battle. There was also an exhibition about the ronin who were the outlawed samurai.

The views from the top of the castle were great.

0 - view from castle 2 0 - view from castle

As I walked around the side of the castle, I saw a group pruning the trees.

0 - pruning trees at the castle

There was a garden in the grounds but since it was just a green lawn and they wanted 300 yen to enter, I didn’t bother. There was however, this wonderful plum grove. This must be spectacular in spring.

0 - plum grove at castle

On my walk back to catch a subway back to my hotel, I took a couple of pictures of the autumn colour which is looking great in Osaka. The bright yellow trees are ginkgo trees

0 - autumn colour 0 - ginkgo trees in full colour

Subway to the hotel was straightforward and then I had a quiet night in with a sandwich I had bought.

This has been a wonderful trip to Japan and even though I have been here before, I would love to come again.


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