Visiting the Hiroshima Peace Park and Museum

On our return from Miyajima, we walked through the Peace Park to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.

0 - view from peace park

While we were looking at this memorial, we were asked by some children to take part in a questionnaire they had because they were practicing their English. This young girl was asking me questions about what I thought about the Peace Park, whether I agreed with war and then to write what I thought about Peace. It was interesting and difficult to respond to in simple words. The school had come from Nara to Hiroshima on a day’s outing and they were all wearing yellow caps.

0 - student from Nara

It was a very moving display about the day the atomic bomb hit Hiroshima and the extent of the devastation. They have clothes from teenage children who were working on building demolition and were injured but died that week. It was very well done. What I had not realised was how early the Peace Park was built. It was built in 1954 and has a number of memorials as well as the museum. I thought this one was stunning.

0 - peace park memorial

At the opposite end of the park to the museum, is the Children’s Peace Memorial based on the true story of Sudako Susaki. Sudako survived the bomb as a 2 year old and grew up as a healthy child and then developed leukemia. When she got ill she had heard that if you made 1,000 origami cranes, your wish would come true and her wish was to get better. The memorial shows Sudako and has a crane under the bell.

0 - memorial to sadako 0 - inside the memorial statue

People still make paper cranes as a sign of peace. In our group, Carol and Robyn made lots of cranes for us that we left at the memorial.  Strings of cranes are created and left on memorials. These are behind the Children’s memorial

0 - strings of cranes

Across the river from the park, is the A-dome which is the last remaining building from 1945 as a reminder of the damage that was done.

0 - original building retained

I also thought that this little memorial was very moving. It was just next to the dock where our ferry left and shows strings of cranes on the memorial.

0 - memorial to Peace


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